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How to deal with unwanted mail

April 5, 2019 When unwanted mail appears in my mailbox, I either phone or write to the sender to state two things: don’t send anything else, and do not pass on my name and/or address to other companies. more »»

Dismantling of the Title X program

April 5, 2019 The Trump-Pence administration is once again trying to take away our rights. more »»

The homeless are not helpless

February 14, 2019 I was disturbed by the headline of the article on providing shelter for the homeless printed in the Jan. 25, 2019 Chronicle, "Helping the helples. more »»

Speak up about the Rockwool controversy

January 31, 2019 In the late 1980s, I visited Shepherdstown for the first time and fell in love with Jefferson County. more »»

Rockwool -- independent design review required

January 11, 2019 When a large industrial facility such as the proposed Rockwool factory in Ranson is designed, it is standard, normal good engineering practice for the construction documents to be reviewed by an... more »»

Vandalism of local church is unacceptable

December 12, 2018 Shepherdstown Presbyterian Church has recently experienced two incidents of vandalism, in the removal of two rainbow decals from our front sign in less than a week. more »»

The difference between Talley Sergent and Mooney

November 2, 2018 The differences between Talley Sergent and the incumbent are evident. Are we going to vote for more of the same, or are we going to vote to take back our state? The choice is clear in this electi. more »»

This election is the time to express your views on Rockwool

November 2, 2018 We have lived with increasing frustration for months now over the unfortunate series of decisions in which our responsible public authorities bent over backwards to manipulate the rules, prevent... more »»

Cast your vote for Talley Sergent

November 2, 2018 Early voting is here. Election day is November 6 and the time is now to cast your vote for Talley Sergent to be our next Member of Congress from the 2ndCongressional District of West Virginia. more »»

Talley Sergent has earned our votes

November 2, 2018 I saw Talley Sergent in a parking lot last week. She was talking to a prospective vote. more »»

Vote for Chris Wilkes

October 26, 2018 I'm writing to ask you to inform your readers about the non-partisan election of two new West Virginia Supreme Court judges on Nov. 6, particularly Division One on the ballot. more »»

Send John Doyle back to Charleston

October 26, 2018 Although I've moved away from Shepherdstown, when I heard John Doyle was running for the House of Delegates, I felt I must share what I know about the man. John has a record of proven effectiveness. more »»

Locals encouraged Manchin to vote against Kavanaugh

October 12, 2018 Fourteen Jefferson County constituents of Sen. more »»

Why I'm voting for John Doyle

October 12, 2018 I live in the Harpers Ferry area of Jefferson County and I am supporting John Doyle for delegat. more »»

Legendary Book Sale to be a hit

September 28, 2018 The Shepherdstown Community Club has spent another year gathering books from the community for our annual Legendary Book Sale. This year it is Oct. 11-14. Check it out on our website, www. more »»

Shepherdstown Community Club seeks new members

September 21, 2018 Since 1945, the Shepherdstown Community Club -- originally titled the Shepherdstown Men's Club -- has been an important and visible part of our community. more »»

Expand West Virginians' access to solar power

September 21, 2018 West Virginia lawmakers can expand access to solar power across the Mountain State without costing taxpayers a dime. Right now, however, if you want to go solar you don't have many options. more »»

Letter to the Editor: Senator Manchin should block Kavanaugh's confirmation

September 14, 2018 Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has publicly opposed the Affordable Care Act, and his opposition to it may prove to be a threat to the 800,000 West Virginians who live with a pre-existing... more »»

Letter to the Editor: What to do about the Rockwool plant

September 14, 2018 Rockwool is not bad (except that the batts and boards contain formaldehyde, like plywood). Its insulation is a bit better insulation than fiberglass, and made similarl. more »»

Letter to the Editor: Rockwool: Financial Questions and Other Considerations

September 7, 2018 I have lived in Jefferson County since 1975, and live within one mile of the Rockwool plant. Neither I nor any of my neighbors were contacted or notified about the plan. more »»

Letter to the Editor: What is going on in our backyard?

September 7, 2018 So what is going on in our backyards? I'm not usually inclined to be much of a conspiracy theorist, but there's a lot going on that's concerning me and others about the future of our rural homes in... more »»



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