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The street I lived on

March 13, 2015 Over the years, I have taken trips to my past--places where I grew and went to school and places I used to go for fun like Glen Ech. more »»

Today's motto: The customer is always wrong

February 13, 2015 This week I was all set to write another piece about growing up, then something happened to make me change my mind and write about something else. more »»

Time marches on

January 9, 2015 Well, this past Christmas season and New Year's have flown by. We are already into the end of the first week in January. more »»

Remebering 20 years in Jefferson County

December 12, 2014 I write a lot about times past. Some time the past comes alive though it was just yesterday. As I have gotten older the past does not seem that far awa. more »»

Those old fall days gone by

November 14, 2014 As I have said many times, Autumn is my favorite season. There are a lot of reasons why I love the fall. more »»

The Computer Age

October 10, 2014 Here we go again, another new writing program. Maybe this is the one that I have been looking for. I hope so. I seem to spend a lot of time just trying to keep up with new-fangled programs. more »»

Doctors become a few new friends as years pass

September 12, 2014 A friend mentioned the other day that the only new people that he met in the last year or two is doctors. The only appointment he has made is with doctors and clinics. more »»

Just around the corner will be the wonderful fall

August 11, 2014 Well the summer is moving along. Soon it well be fall and the cooler weather will be here as well as the night frost and of course the changing of the season as well as the changing of the trees. more »»

An Angel's Touch

July 24, 2014 Growing up had its ups and down. more »»

An Angel's Touch

July 11, 2014 Growing up had its ups and downs. more »»

Thoughts From a Hospital Bed

June 13, 2014 In the last couple of years, I have seen a lot of hospital rooms. I have also seen a lot of caring hands. As I write these words I am again in the hospital. This all started because I “over did i. more »»

The Big Move

May 30, 2014 Growing older has had its ups and downs. more »»

The Wooden Egg

April 11, 2014 Though April fools day has come and gone I though I’d tell you how a friend of my mother played a practical joke on me. At the time I was about seven. more »»

Spring is near

March 14, 2014 My two favorite times of year are spring and fall. Spring is just a few weeks away and the weather is already showing signs of the passing of winter. I saw the first robin just this past Saturday. more »»

Outgrowing awkwardness

February 16, 2014 Once upon a time long ago, I was young. Most of the world was still a mystery to me. Love was just between my parents and me. more »»

Staying healthy as we get older

January 13, 2014 As I have gotten older, I feel lucky in that though I have some health issues, all and all, I am still in pretty good shape. I do have one worry that comes to mind every now and then. more »»

A short look at nothing

December 16, 2013 Every so often a writer gets what is called “Writer's Block.” I am afraid that is the case with me. What to write about, that is the question. Unfortunately there is not an easy answer. more »»

That Special Day

November 8, 2013 My 71st birthday has come. I don’t celebrate my birthdays like I did as a kid. I use to look forward to my day of birth and wonder how many gifts I would get and how big my birthday cakes would b. more »»

My last show before adulthood

October 14, 2013 In 1959 I was 16 years old. I spent the greater half of the summer of '59 in Accokeek Md. The person who taught drama at Suitland Jr. more »»

Transition from summer to fall

September 13, 2013 Well, here we are in September. All of my life I have loved the fall. In some ways it is like a new beginning. more »»

Summers Past

August 9, 2013 I have always been grateful that my childhood was spent before the days of organized play. My childhood growing up in Washington, D.C. more »»



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