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She knows that Shepherdstown spirit

July 30, 2010 Once upon a time Jackie Bailey and David Lewis went to Boonsborough High School. They were crazy about each other and everything was great until they graduate. more »»

Glenn Kinser: Letting nature take care of nature

July 16, 2010 In the 1740s, William Green, grandson of Thomas Greene, sold his Charles County, Maryland home, packed up his family and moved west. more »»

Pastor Fred Soltow feeding His people

July 2, 2010 “I believe that all of us are loved, forgiven and accepted. I believe no matter what your faith, the church makes the world a better place. Helping people and having hope is still what motivates m. more »»

Irwin looks back on 10 years in town

June 18, 2010 Just a mention of the word “passion” conjures up thoughts and emotions that send brain waves into overdrive. more »»

Chris Kaye's flourishes with the pen and in the kitchen

May 28, 2010 If you’ve ever been down to the train station or attended any one of a thousand catered events in greater Shepherdstown over the past twenty years, you’ve met Chris Kaye. more »»

Life through the lens of Benita Keller

May 7, 2010 In 1997 Benita Keller was working in Russia covering one of the first free elections. more »»

Jack Saum: Building his dream

April 16, 2010 The old saying “hit the ground running” means to get off to a brisk and successful start. more »»

He knows his roles and how to be happy

April 2, 2010 When Marie Orlando Yates died in February, the news reported that she went “quietly and peacefully surrounded by her family. more »»

Growing a family in?Shepherdstown

March 19, 2010 Having a conversation with Keith Alexander is like taking a big deep breath of fresh air. Substantial air to be sure, but fresh nonetheless. more »»

Shepherd’s Drosinos: the real Greek life

March 5, 2010 Have you noticed lately that the authentic Mad Men have tapped into the state of the economy in a most sensitive way. Yup ... more »»

Bonnie Austin blooms where she’s planted

February 19, 2010 At this writing, the sun is shining, the snow is melting, and it’s Valentine’s Day. Things are definitely looking u. more »»

Sue Kemnitzer: Making a global impact

February 5, 2010 The world awoke on Jan. 12 to the news that Haiti had just been hit with a 7.5 earthquake and Port au Prince was all but gone. more »»

Emily Romine: Passion for the art of dance

January 22, 2010 In 1972 Dr. Alex Wanger, a lieutenant commander in the US Navy was stationed in Gua. more »»

Jim Auxer: A quiet leader

December 25, 2009 When Professor Harold Goldberg wrote D Day in the Pacific, critics said he gave us one of the best accounts of the Battle of Saipan ever. more »»

Terry Nordeen: Greeting all with a smile

December 11, 2009 The first thing you notice about Terry Nordeen is her smile. It’s a big generous smile and it radiates. more »»

Ed Kelley: from the farm to the Foreign Service

November 25, 2009 In 1957 Ed Kelly was a History major at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio. more »»

Rie Wilson: Giving so others can live

November 13, 2009 Every once in a very lucky while, you get to know a person who’s funny, smart, talented and chooses teaching others how to better their lives as a career. more »»

‘It’s the Shepherdstonians who matter’

October 23, 2009 In 1996, Louise and Bill Hilton were living in Howard County, Maryland and pretty fed up with the county’s burst of over-development. more »»

Doug Kinnett: A portrait of the artist

October 9, 2009 Have you ever walked through a gallery only to have a piece of art leap from the wall and joyously assault your senses? It might not be to your usual taste, you might not have ever heard of the... more »»

Talking with Jack Young

September 25, 2009 Fayette City is a tiny dot on the map of Pennsylvania. Tucked away in the southwest corner of state, this little coal mining town at its zenith was never more than Pop. 1,000. more »»

Scott Beard continues musical legacy

September 11, 2009 In the summer of ‘07 I found and moved to Shepherdstown and soon began daily excursions through town and the dazzling countryside that embraces it. more »»



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