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Much thought should be given to balanced calendar

November 2, 2012 Along with children's report cards from Jefferson County Schools this week, parents found a questionnaire regarding the possibility of changing from a traditional calendar to a balanced calendar... more »»

Exercise your right to vote

October 26, 2012 Wednesday marked the beginning of early voting here in West Virginia, an option put in place several years ago to allow more registered voters to have opportune time to cast their ballot. more »»

Listen to the unspoken word as well

October 19, 2012 This weekend offers an opportunity to attend a play at the Opera House that shares a part of a life of local resident Tom Trumble. more »»

Parents need to maintain computer controlsParents need to maintain computer controls

October 15, 2012 After reading a report of an arrest in Berkeley County of an individual who was arrested and charged with soliciting a minor via computer, I find myself re-evaluating the supervision in my own home... more »»

Support your local paper this week and every weekSupport your local paper this week and every week

October 5, 2012 This week marks the official “National Newpaper Week,” a time when readers are encouraged to think about what makes their newspapers important and to recognize what newspapers offer to a community. more »»

Fall festival promises good time

October 1, 2012 This weekend marks the 27th annual Mountain Heritage Arts and Crafts Festival at Sam Michael's Park. more »»

A step back in time

September 21, 2012 Sunday evening's Antietam Remembrance Walk allowed all of us who participated to take a step back in time, at least in a sense. more »»

Land grants, charters and who is oldest

September 14, 2012 During the celebration of Shepherdstown 250, we have learned much about the town once known as Mecklenburg. more »»

Keeping it beneath moonlight and streetlamps

September 8, 2012 More than a month ago, I began a concerted effort of rising earlier than my norm and taking the morning hours to walk. more »»

The world in which we live

August 31, 2012 It has been a bit upsetting to read the headlines in the local papers (and the national papers) lately as the news all seems to negative. There are stories full of details about drug use and crime. more »»

Only two more months of campaigning

August 24, 2012 As August closes out, the final push of political campaigning is gearing up around the county. more »»

DMV proves to be nightmare for women

August 17, 2012 Over the past weeks, we have heard from several local women who have faced the challenging task of renewing their West Virginia driver's license. more »»

Fair time is nearly here

August 13, 2012 Now is the time to gear up for the Jefferson County Fair. more »»

Another instance of community

August 3, 2012 As word spread this week of the loss in the Harding family across the ocean, the friends and former neighbors of Thomas and Deb Harding gathered in what is a consistent reaction to any situation in... more »»

Back in the good 'ole (polite) U.S.A.

July 27, 2012 After a recent whirlwind vacation to London, returning to the U.S. was a return to the land of politeness. more »»

Too many questions...not enough answers

July 6, 2012 With the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the Affordable Health Care Act, the doors have been opened upon too many questions that don't have answers. more »»

Due diligence has been done

June 15, 2012 After following the procedures taken by the Shepherdstown Public Library Board of Directors actions regarding the proposed Brownfields location, the Chronicle believes that the Board has used due... more »»

Reap the harvest, share the taste

June 1, 2012 Driving around the area, one can find beautiful gardens growing and berry patches and fruit trees beginning to put forth tasty treat. more »»

Right in our own backyard

May 25, 2012 While working on suggestions for our sister paper, The Journal, that will offer 101 Things to Do, the realization struck that we really are very close to Washington, D.C. more »»

Slow down, you move too fast

May 24, 2012 This line from an old Simon and Garfunkel tune comes to mind each day on our highways as drivers travel in excess of the speed limit and do crazy things like pass on solid lines, around curves. more »»



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