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Heroin: The dangers affect us all

April 15, 2016 I?must admit that I had become immune to the words of the stories written and told about the dangers of heroin use and the many overdoses and deaths of young people in our community. more »»

Signs of spring...and elections

April 3, 2016 Just as the spring has brought any number of flowering trees and plants, so has election season brought us every size, shape and color of campaign sign imaginable. more »»

Treasure the one who influenced you most

March 25, 2016 Is there a person in your life who stands out as a role model? One to whom you can attribute influences in your life? If so, treasure that person. more »»

We need to stop pushing drugs

March 11, 2016 Reading all of the headlines and seeing all of news broadcasts regarding the drug epidemics here and around our nation, I can’t help but believe that much of the blame for dependence on these drugs... more »»

We need to end the madness

March 4, 2016 We watched the funeral of a young police officer this week -- one whose first day on the job turned into tragedy as she gave her life in the line of duty. more »»

Agencies should know flag policy

February 26, 2016 As the time has passed for the funeral of Justice Antonin Scalia, I must again voice an opinion of how the entire situation was handled both on state and local level. more »»

American people need to know cause of death

February 19, 2016 The devastating news that a U.S. Supreme Court Justice has died is enough to bring grief to the nation. more »»

We need to be a more questioning society

February 5, 2016 Perhaps it is the job I hold; perhaps it was due to my parents instilling me with an inquisitive nature—who know? But for whatever the reason, I question things. more »»

Did anyone really believe it wasn't going to snow?

February 1, 2016 The weather forecasters blasted us all with constant updates on the huge amounts of snow that were to be dumped on our area by Storm Jonas. more »»

Where to draw the line on cold-weather delays

January 22, 2016 As we are finally getting some cold weather, well—frigid weather—the yearly discussion on whether to call a school delay for cold once again comes up. more »»

Don't let another year go by without...

January 8, 2016 There are so many endings to the sentence that run through my mind and I'm sure through yours. more »»

If you don't have a heart for customer service—don't work in that field

January 8, 2016 As an avid shopper, I constantly evaluate those who work in the customer service industry. I have recently begun a part time job in retail as well, so I see customer service from both sides. more »»

Yes, Virginia There is a Santa Claus

December 28, 2015 Note: I share this editorial written in 1897 with you this week as we celebrate Christmas. more »»

Abundance leads to expectation

December 18, 2015 In preparation for the holiday season, I, like most, have been busy shopping, heading to parties and even helping host some events. more »»

Be sure of the truth before you vote

December 11, 2015 As we are just a day away from the special election on the School Levy issue, it is a sad truth that both sides of the issue: supporters and opposition, have done an injustice to the citizens of... more »»

How to choose which donation

December 4, 2015 There are so many who are seeking donations at this time of year, whether it be food, Christmas gifts, money or any combination of those and more. more »»

Reach out this holiday season

November 27, 2015 A beautiful tribute to a friend is included in our Letters to the Editor today from local resident Mike Austi. more »»

We need to be a thankful people

November 20, 2015 As we watch our televisions daily we see horrific stories of devastation—both from nature and manmade. more »»

Auditor's training was a real eye-opener

November 6, 2015 As a member of several boards, and as a newspaper reporter, I found it extremely valuable to attend the training provided by the West Virginia State Auditor's office last week on everything from... more »»

Clinton lacked honesty and integrity

October 30, 2015 The Congressional hearings this past week involving the Benghazi incident were a travesty. more »»



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