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A dog's life isn't all that bad

December 7, 2012 Today I was supposed to have lunch with my smart friend, Hannah. more »»

Tom Frerotte is a pie guy

November 2, 2012 Beginning as a bakery apprentice at the age of 15, Frerotte has been mixing, kneading, rolling, filling, crimping and topping for more than half of his life. more »»

Simple joy found at Fiddle Lake Farm

October 5, 2012 Three hundred miles north along I-81, deep autumn has already taken hold. more »»

Pumpkins served a number of ways

September 8, 2012 A pumpkin can do many things. Scoop it out and take a knife to its thick, fleshy rind in October and the result is a jack-o-lantern for Halloween. more »»

Delicious deliveries at my door

August 3, 2012 For a couple of weeks now, I have been acutely attuned to the sound of the UPS truck motoring down my stree. more »»

Running the gamut at Wildwoods

July 6, 2012 I think I was born hungry. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t seduced by the pleasures of food in all its variety. more »»

Surprise in the form of potato salad

June 1, 2012 There is a moment of balance that occurs at some point in raising a child, when he is immature and snotty, and adult and thoughtful in equal measure. more »»

Honey bees move on up

May 15, 2012 For some time, the plight of the humble honeybee has been of interest to a narrow populatio. more »»

Be still my heart ... theater and chocolate

March 2, 2012 I ate a stale peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich in the car. more »»

Surprises to be found anywhere

February 3, 2012 The concepts of new American cooking have so permeated cuisine that it is possible to get an intelligent meal nearly anywher. more »»

In a Word...Candy

January 6, 2012 I’m a little bit of a sucker for home shopping on television. more »»

Making thrifty work

October 7, 2011 I’m a thrifty girl. When we were first married and my husband was a graduate student, he joked that I could make a casserole of a bread heel. We had nothing to waste, so I wasted nothing. more »»

Fair dinner escorts in autumn’s rise

September 2, 2011 The insistent chatter of cicadas is a signal of summer’s end. As much as the shortening of days and turning of leaves, the music of nature lets us know that the seasons are changing. more »»

A look behind the picture show

August 5, 2011 My friend, Jeannie Mozier, and her husband, Jack, own the Star Theater in Berkeley Springs. more »»

A Hollywood meeting in the Sweet Shop

July 1, 2011 ­­­­­­Let me just come out and say up front that I am unabashedly star-struck. When we’re in New York, and I see an actor I recognize, my husband has to steer me by an el­­bow as I gape. more »»

Service important part of any meal

June 4, 2011 Service is everything. The diner waitress, in her soft-soled shoes and pink uniform, calls you “hon” and keeps your coffee cup fresh. more »»

Reborn Shaharazade’s ‘waking up’

May 6, 2011 Legend has it that the lovely Shahrazad wove stories over 1,001 nights to save herself from death. more »»

Get a bird’s eye view - visit the Landing

April 1, 2011 The coolest thing about The Landing restaurant isn’t the food. It’s the view. The food is okay. more »»

Serendipity to be discovered

March 4, 2011 For years, one of my favorite spots on West German Street was the stuffy, dusty old antiques store. more »»

Chocolate rich in history

February 18, 2011 February being the month of chocolate, let’s do a little taste-testing in the name of responsible journalism. more »»



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