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New SNAP policies congruent with the evolution of our species?

March 4, 2016 Diseases caused by poor eating habits destroy lives and cost the nation trillions in health care. Our current Dietary Guidelines and food policies clearly aren’t working. more »»

2015 Dietary Guidelines for America—Sailing for safe harbors or keeping course toward the full catastrophe

February 1, 2016 The new Dietary Guidelines for America released in late 2015—an amendment to the original guidelines that were issued 35 years ago—are not a good recipe for improving America’s dietary health. more »»

Put your right foot forward for 2016: Simple things

January 8, 2016 Happy New Year from the Natural Running Center. We hope you have achieved a goal and learned something new about how your mind and body works in 2015. more »»

Low carb revolution comes to West Virginia

October 23, 2015 Why were nearly 100 citizens including the wives of two NFL Hall of Famers gathered at Sam Michael’s Rec Center last Thursday? My friend Melanie Miller was igniting the social media world and... more »»

A small school fighting the sitting disease

August 28, 2015 Bernadine Somers and Morgan Academy will be the first school of our region, maybe even the East Coast, to experiment with stand up desks for kids. more »»

Live Life With More “Vigah”: Take The JFK/ Freedom’s Run Challenge

July 31, 2015 In the late 1950’s a warning sounded. Almost 58 percent of American children were unable to pass a basic fitness test, while only 8.7 percent of Europeans failed. more »»

Two Rivers Treads part of the Small Business Revolution

June 26, 2015 Two Rivers Treads is one of 100 small businesses featured as part of the Small Business Revolution project ( . more »»

Why we Run...Maybe For the Love of Flying

May 29, 2015 What is special about running? Why not just walk, cycle, swim, do some elliptical or maybe the “Gazelle”, or just squat repeated times through the day? I think my cousin Meaghan Cusack explained... more »»

Spring into Play and Participate in an Event

March 27, 2015 Imagine if every child in our region had a chance to play sports. To feel the thrill of accomplishing a goal, being part of a group, or achieving a personal best. more »»

Tips for winter running and outdoor activity

January 26, 2015 Winter running is one of the most enjoyable and serene experiences for the senses. On some days you may be one of the few outside and there is a mystical silenc. more »»

Happiness is finding physical and mental health in running

December 5, 2014 Winter is coming, days are shorter, but the time is perfect to work on your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. more »»

The Voices of the Runners and Guests for Freedom’s Run- Thank You All

October 24, 2014 For this week’s column I will share a few the voices of visitors to our wonderful town 3 weeks ago for Freedom’s Ru. more »»

Oct. 4- Kids Run Free at Freedom’s Run

September 29, 2014 We are faced as a notion with the challenge of increasing outdoor activit. more »»

Try a Nature Prescription

August 29, 2014 "In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seek. more »»

Descending the Copper Canyon for Insight on Health and Disease-The Movie GOSHEN

August 1, 2014 Two bold young filmmakers Dana Richardson and Sarah Zentz descended into the Copper Canyon in Mexico in search of the seeds of health. more »»

The Right to Bear Farms

May 30, 2014 Thank you West Virginia Eastern Education Division Mini Med School for hosting my friend and colleague Gus Schumacher , leader of the non-profit Wholesome Wave, where together we presented “The... more »»

Spring events to shake off winter blues

March 28, 2014 Although this has seemed like the endless winter it is time now to get some sun and movement. Here is a menu of fun, inexpensive, adventurous, challenging, and scenic local event. more »»

Run on A motorless treadmill to have fun and improve skill and balance

February 28, 2014 All movement, whether it is walking, running, dancing or lifting, requires balance and symmetry to do it safely. more »»

Running around the World in 2014

January 31, 2014 A common currency of the world is running and physical activity. more »»

West Virginian to run from here to Annapolis for Military Bowl

December 20, 2013 Local residents come join Jamie Summerlin at Two River Treads, leaving on Dec. 26 at 7:30 a.m. more »»



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