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Reset Your Running Foundation This Winter

November 22, 2013 When runners have suffered a string of injuries and find running as they used to becoming impossible, it may be time to do “ctrl-alt-del”—reboot and reset running from the ground up. more »»

Notes From the Inbox

October 25, 2013 This week’s piece is a reflection on the town from the visitors from Freedom’s Run. Runners from over 40 states visited out region and here is a little of what they had to say. more »»

Freedom's Run gets national attention from world's largest running magazine

September 27, 2013 The October issue of Runner’s World magazine, hailed as the largest globally circulated monthly magazine for runners of all levels and backgrounds, offered readers a first-hand look into the local... more »»

Special guests to visit Shepherdstown for Freedom’s Run

August 30, 2013 Shepherdstown will be hosting a premier of the new documentary, “In The High Country”, which is the result of a yearlong collaboration between mountain runner Anton Krupicka and filmmaker Joel... more »»

How to be a healthy runner and prepare for a new fall challenge

July 26, 2013 “I always loved running. It was something you could do by yourself, and under your own power. more »»

Comrades “Marathon”: What Goes Up…Goes Up

June 28, 2013 Why would I travel half way around the world to run The Comrades “Marathon” in South Africa? Not sure. more »»

'We're headed in the right direction'

May 24, 2013 Columnist Note: This week I share with you a piece by passionate journalist and health advocate Kate Long from Charlesto. more »»

Reflections on the Boston Marathon

April 26, 2013 April 15 was the 117th running of the Boston Marathon, the oldest and most prestigious footrace in the world. I have had the privilege of running 20 of them. more »»

Local Runs for Family Fun

March 28, 2013 What makes kids want to get outside and exercise? Here is what may be a surprising answer when you ask the kids. It is not good weather or even green spaces (although these help). more »»

Beware of 'footstrike' studies focusing on only one variable

February 22, 2013 So a recent study of less than 40 African tribesman shows that most land on their heels while running at a slow pace on a compliant surface (not pavement), and when they speed up most change thei... more »»

Less is more for the new year

January 25, 2013 As we enter or transition into the first weeks of the new year, it often means aligning our personal goals with training in the coming months. more »»

The Food Rules for 2013, and #64 is OK for the Holidays

December 28, 2012 My wife’s grandmother lived to 103, and the holidays remind me of how she lived. more »»

What I have learned from running minimal and barefoot

November 23, 2012 I was invited last month to debate Simon Bartold of Asics Running. Simon still believes that a runner should have the heel elevated. more »»

A special story srom Freedom’s Run 2012

October 26, 2012 We have been overwhelmed by the kind words of visitors thanking our towns for the friendly welcome they received while visiting us for Freedom’s Run. more »»

The Barefoot Revolution Starts with the Kids

October 1, 2012 This weekend was my favorite event of the year for our small store. We had our third annual VivoBarefoot kids shoe giveaway. more »»

Celebrate Health and Heritage with Freedom’s Run

August 24, 2012 West Virginia is often viewed as an unhealthy place to live. Much of this opinion unfortunately comes from real data. We are the second most obese state and No. 50 when it comes to trails. more »»

Summer running offers different challenges

July 27, 2012 Sir Roger Bannister once said, “Experiments in the laboratory are not of much practical value to athletes. more »»

Why Music Matters: Beyond Mental and Emotional Health

May 25, 2012 Last week we had the privilege of hosting Dr. Phil Maffetone to our small town. Phil has authored more than 20 books on health and I place him on the short list of the true shamans of wellness. more »»

Celebrate Family Fitness, Joy of Running

April 27, 2012 I had the privilege to speak for the second straight year at the Boston Marathon Sports Medicine Conference hosted by the American Medical Athletic Association (AMAA). more »»

Nature, Play, Running, and the Rebirth of Fartlek

March 23, 2012 Last week I had the privilege of addressing an audience of local youth in a TEDx event. The topic was “Connection to Nature”. more »»



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