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County Social Studies Fair winners named

November 30, 2012
Shepherdstown Chronicle

Charles Town Middle School was the site of the Jefferson County Schools' annual Social Studies Fair, held on Nov. 17, with the following results:

Political Science: First Place, John Zaleski, Jefferson High School ("Property Rights in Space"); First Place, Emma Espinosa, Charles Town Middle School ("Electoral College: Is It Old School?"); Second Place, Cassie Chrisman, Shepherdstown Middle School ("How Do Political Ads Affect Your Voting Rights");

Anthropology: First Place, Kassidy James, Harpers Ferry Middle School ("The Life and

Culture of the Apache American Indians"); Third Place, Carlos Lazo-Flores, Harpers Ferry Middle School ("Japanese Culture"); Second Place (small group); Dara Insixiengmay and Bryanna Deck, Charles Town Middle School ("How Has the Cherokee Culture Influenced American Life?");

Economics: First Place (small group), Issac Hylton and Robert Gianinny, Wildwood Middle School ("Tobacco: In Our Economy"); Third Place (small group), Lonnie Briggs and Zane Janssen, Shepherdstown Middle School ("Econolympics");

Geography: First Place, Katie Rice, Harpers Ferry Middle School ("Ancient Hydroponics"); Second Place, Jackson Crouse, Shepherdstown Middle School ("The Cost of Rising Sea Levels"); Third Place, Hannah Shaffer, Shepherdstown Middle School ("Global Warming: It's a Hot Topic");

Psychology: First Place, Julia Grimm, Harpers Ferry Middle School ("Not Your Common Phobias")'

Sociology: First Place, Bailey Ballenger, Charles Town Middle School ("Why Does Fashion Revolve?"); Second Place, Ethan Gottlieb, Harpers Ferry Middle School ("Have E-Readers Increased Reading Among the Public?"); Third Place, Evan Fork, Harpers Ferry Middle School ("Effects of Propaganda on the Nazi Movement"); Honorable Mention, Cameron Boone, Wildwood Middle School ("Religions Around the World"); First Place (small group), Ariel Cifala and Katie Glenn, Shepherdstown Middle School ("How Trust Has Changed Since World War II); Second place (small group), Ciera Hansboraugh and Samantha Milbourne, Harpers Ferry Middle School ("Fashion: Is It a Cycle"); Third Place (small group), Angel Diaz and Deyana Boria, Harpers Ferry Middle School ("What Is the Catholic Church?"); Honorable Mention (small group), Sarah McClafin and Meghan DeLaney, Charles Town Middle School ("Human Immigration");

State and Local: First Place, Ian Ward, Wildwood Middle School ("Who Is Charles Falkner?") ;Second Place, Cole Bonbright, Shepherdstown Middle School ("What's Lurking Under Greenbrier?"); Third Place, Karra Smith, Harpers Ferry Middle School ("Why Do People Visit WV?"); Second Place (small group), Kurt Acker, Ethan Howe, and Ben LeBlanc, Harpers Ferry Middle School ("Battle of Harpers Ferry");

U.S. History: First Place, Abigail Desimone, Charles Town Middle School ("Harriet Tubman's Influence on Slavery"); Second Place, Devon Logan, Harpers Ferry Middle School ("Contributions of Women During the Revolutionary War"); Third Place, Lily Kessler, Shepherdstown Middle School ("Salem Witch Trials: 1862"); Honorable Mention, Sabrina Szemborski, Harpers Ferry Middle School ("Washington Monument and Huntfield"); Honorable Mention, Jared Myers, Harpers Ferry Middle School ("Moon Landing: Fact or Fiction"); Second Place (small group), Juluan Plaza and Justice Sullivan, Charles Town Middle School ("The Battle Strategies and Formations of Antietam"); Honorable Mention (small group), Zach Ainsworth and Chris Kittlestad, Harpers Ferry Middle School ("History of Major League Baseball"); Honorable Mention (small group), Logan de Hoyas and Jacob Perry, Charles Town Middle School ("9//11: The Real Story");

World History First Place, Dylan Thomas, Shepherdstown Middle School ("The Stalingrad: What If the Outcome Were Different?"); Second Place, Ben Yost, Shepherdstown Middle School ("1066: The Norman Conquest"); Honorable Mention, Megan Cardiel, Shepherdstown Middle School ("Jewish Children During the Holocaust"); Honorable Mention, Bryce Turney, Harpers Ferry Middle School ("Dachau"); Honorable Mention, Melody Hayes, Harpers Ferry Middle School ("Women's Soccer"); Honorable Mention, Marina Haugh, Shepherdstown Middle School ("The Holocaust"); and Honorable Mention (small group, Emily Simmons and Matt Lopez, Charles Town Middle School ("How to Survive the Black Plague").



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